Monday, August 22, 2005

Returning to routine

There is something magical about going away,about holidays. Time away from normal routines, time to contemplate life again, to step back and get some perspective. Time to sit on riverside terraces in the pouring sunshine and eat massive slices of chocolate cake. Times to climb high mountains and breath fresh invigorating air again. Good times.

There is also something about coming back to the routines that threatened to stifle us before we went away. Routines that can be taken up again, that can be altered by our changed perspective on life. Well, at least, that is where my mind is at today. I love the lakes. But I'm glad to be home. Glad to see people at church yesterday, to know I have friends here, to get back into life. The stuff that I long to run away from most of the time isn't so bad. And I pray that when I go back to work tomorrow it will be a similar experience. Of gaining new perspective on the work in front of me. Of remembering the one who really is in control and can change peoples lives. The inbetween world is grand for a visit. But there is stuff to be done. The sabbath times provide us perspective on the work times and vice versa.

Resting now points us towards the eternal rest, and reminds us of who is in control. God is the one who works in all times and in all places, I just have a little bit of that to help out with, to mess up and learn the grace of my Father in. Tomorrow I start that again, desperately hoping and praying that this year may be the year in which I learn to depend on Him. In which I learn to hold onto truth and live a life of integrity that lives and breaths the reality about us. In which I stop living the veneer of Christianity and carry on living as a child of God, faithful in this relationship. And when tomorrow I fall from that ideal, that this year will be one in which I become more aware of the grace that holds me to this path, that pushes me along it and which will lead me home. And that somehow others will get caught up in that grace as I stumble over the mountains. Pray that I will know that this will happen because of Him at work, the great I AM living within me and holding me steady.

Oh and check out

'Blue like Jazz'

by Don Miller, scary and reassuring to read someone who expresses the thoughts in my head so well.


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