Sunday, August 14, 2005

Hang the world

Hang the world, give me a river.
God's aspirin to my soul,
Hang the world, let me stay here
Let it flow, let it flow
Hang the world, give me a river
For reasons plain to see
Hang the world, let me stay here
I'm just tired of chasing me. (M.Joseph)

A small ditty which should, in my mind, be changed to 'hang the world, give me the lake district'. Which wouldn't scan so well but would sum up all I feel right now. The Lakes are the place to which I go to put this world in perspective. A Lakeland poet summed it up in these words. "For in this place where God is all in all, the world appears immeasurably small". An experience I need once in a while. A place to remember that God is the one in charge of this world and this life, not me. A place to take all my thoughts away and leave me gasping for breath at the beauty around me. A place where I am at home, where I can do nothing but smile because nothing else matters in that space. A place where part of my heart and soul have been left, and when we are reunited peace returns.

Escapism, maybe, but a real place to find energy and strength to carry on this journey. Sometimes the struggle seems to much and too hard, the road too steep and the mountains to high to climb, and I despair of ever making it home. Being away, drenched in such beauty and space, settles my soul as I am reminded of the one who made the mountains and the one who walks with me home. When I was younger and we were out hill walking, my Dad taught me how to walk up hills. You take small little steps, and you walk with someone. No matter how far ahead everyone else was, my Dad always walked with me. We're going to make it home, because our Dad is walking with us. The lakes help me remember the simplicty of walking with my Father. And I'm going there tomorrow. So hang the world, give me the Lake District, God's aspirin for my soul. I'll return, fitter for the journey ahead in a week.


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