Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Dear Diary Moment pt 2

I’m back from the land of Bulgaria, coherent thoughts and reflections may well follow over the next few days. Right now I’m in the spaced out land of ‘did anything really happen?’ and ‘where are the 9 other people I have shared my life with for the last few weeks?’. The somewhat disturbing thing is that my brain has filled in the silence by enabling my thoughts to be voiced in the voices of the team and the Bulgarians we met out there. Weird. Nothing really feel tangible right now, having got up at 2am English time to fly home. I know God did things, I know we got to be part of that, but other than that it’s all fog right now. But the good news is that I am reunited with my housemate, my music collection, my bed, my friends, family and my small soft polar bear. The sun is shinning, people can understand what I say and I’m on holiday. Ah. Big long sigh. Sleep calls.

(to see some photos, with a surprisingly nice one of me, check out the Bluefish- my dial up is too slow to upload mine.)


Blogger Lou said...

Yeh the teams voices are haunting my head as well - scary huh? My stomach was very excited about the concept of a grease-free breakfast this morning AND a cup of tea to boot!! Thanks for being a brilliant team leader Kath - you are a star!

4/8/05 1:27 pm  

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