Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Dear Diary moment

I thought it would come to this at some point. But certain things have to be noted. Tomorrow I'm off to the land of Bulgaria (a sentence which only makes sense if you are reading this on the 20th July). I go in slight trepidation, taking a team of students to attempt to teach English and tell Bulgarian students a bit about the true nature of reality. To be honest it's been an pants day today, not great starting out on a venture such as this feeling a million miles away from the One who will make it happen, go smoothly and work in peoples lives. And entirely my fault.

But the sea looks blue, the clouds are dancing across the sky and the sun is shinning now. Somehow there will be One who can take my weakness and rebellion and work through it and inspite of it to transform lives. In the students from England and in the students over there. Thankfully His work doesn't depend on how perfect I am or my level of sincerity about everything I do. Just going and being me is enough.

So if you pray, pray for us. I'll be back early August for some holiday and endless chances to fill this blog with random quotes that inspire, amuse and entertain me.

Until then- "go and read a book- it's so much more worthwhile"


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