Friday, October 07, 2005

Messed Up?

Messed up again
trampled your grace
under my feet.
Forgot the reality
that holds me
to this earth.
Messed up again
Failed to call you
who you are
Lord of all.
Maker of my tangled
Chose the easy
chose to fall.
Instead of giving
you my all.
Messed up again

Coming back again
Tell me this isn’t it,
tell me that there
is more than this.
Tell me that story
The one where you
fight it out for me
Where you pay no
regard for payment,
for earnings, for deserving.
But carry on loving beyond
the hardness of my heart.
Coming back again
tell me there is a
welcome here
A grace that frees this
Coming back again
tell me you can soften a heart
as hard as this.


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