Thursday, September 29, 2005

Returning to posting...

Well it’s been a while, being away from a computer will do that for you, and then there was freshers week and tiredness and I could go on. But tonight I am feeling slightly inspired again. I’ve just been prayed for by a student who thought I could do with the encouragement. And I could. It’s been strange settling back into term life, the routines laid down 4 months ago in exchange for fun and sunshine. Now the nights are getting darker, I’m back in my car driving up and down the South Coast and attempting to remember more of the God who has started a good work and will not give it up. But this week He has been showing me His work, His work which is lived and breathed by foolish messy people. I like that. I like that He’s not a God of strategy, well not strategy like we think it should be. His strategy seems a bit silly.

“This maker of the world has never worked through outwardly impressive things. He has never succumbed to our desire for things to look big and cool. Look at the Bible, He works in the lives of the inept, the foolish, the barren women, the old men, the drunken fools, the people hiding in wine presses, the sinful, the ones who said no, the unpopular, the overlooked, the broken, the poor in spirit. And look at Jesus, the ultimate in foolishness, born to a Virgin, a carpenters son, a baby, a man rejected by his own family, a man who hung out with the serious losers in society, the despised, the tax collectors, and who died on a cross. Seriously foolish.” (is quoting yourself a little strange!?)

But as His ways are not my ways, and thoughts not my thoughts I think I’ll go with things his way. They seem to work. Well in the long term eternal nature of things. And so I’ll give trusting him another go and seek to rest in the assurances of a God who is at work, who never gives up working and who has promised to bring it all to completion.


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