Tuesday, September 13, 2005

5 things to do in the September sunshine.

Seeing as the summer is drawing to an end, here are some thoughts on what to do with the precious ammounts of warm sunny days, before the delights of warm winter fires, crisp autumn days, frosts and blue skies come upon us.

1. Sit on a beach and watch the sun dancing on the sea, contemplate the beauty in this life and the thought that one day we'll have that much beauty forever.
2. Go for a bike ride whilst you can, and experience the unutterable joy of freewheeling down a hill with the wind in your hair and no frozen lungs.
3. Sit outside in a garden and read a book.
4. Go into town and do coffee continetal style in the open air.
5. Walk around barefoot, especially on grass or sand.



Blogger thebluefish said...

Oh to have a beach within range... but all the rest. amen!

13/9/05 4:20 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree Dave a beach near by would be great but a defintie Amen to the rest of it. Now I have no excuse to be bored this week.

from a landlocked sea loving kinda girl!

13/9/05 6:44 pm  

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