Sunday, August 28, 2005

Pointless ramblings

The song below sums up half of my thoughts about this life, the constant surprise at undeserved love, the intrigues of Grace, of a God who never gives up on his people. Some things are so hard to bend my tiny brain around. Tonight I'd like to write something profound and meaningful but my thoughts are too sporadic, swinging between wondering what the point of life is and wanting to sound postive and cheery about holidays and sunshine. Ah well.

I'm off on my travels again for the next two weeks, two back to back conferences, which I should have spent tonight packing for, and doing last minute things before I leave, watching Friends seemed like a much better idea.

So, a-conferencing here I go, hoping to survive, intact, uncynical and better off when I return. Normal services will be resumed after the 9th September. The holidays are over, the term is begining. Bring it on?


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