Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Shout from the roof tops?

This quote cheered me. Immensely. It so against the prevailing message in our world at the moment. We are not defined by our sexual actions but by something much greater. And the best intimacy doesn’t need to involve sex. Freedom. This really needs to be shouted from the roof tops.

“If in our lives there is no sexual union with another, perhaps because we have accepted celibacy, or gone through bereavement, illness or divorce, we are no less fully human and fully sexual. Deeply satisfying human intimacy, whether in marriage or outside, is in the end not dependant on copulation but on a faithful sharing of our hearts and lives with those whom we love, and a longing for their well being and peace. For it is then that ‘God can be God and love be gift.” (Elaine Storkey- The Search for Intimacy)


Blogger Ant said...

I don't know you but found you via a succession of links... thanks for blogging this. A really helpful quote - and just what I need for my talk on Genesis 2 tomorrow morning which revolves around the issues of community, sexuality and marriage. I'll be adding the quote in! Is the rest of the book good? I've not heard of it.

8/10/05 2:30 pm  
Blogger Nathan said...

Hey Kath. It's Nathan from Relay. You may not remember me but I got your blog from Bish and I like it!

This quote is awesome! I am engaged, which is amazing, but myself and Lib (my fiance) have really discovered how a relationship is not a fix-all solution. It's a wonderful bonus. But so can a single life be. If God isn't your source of love, love quickly runs dry. It's back to that old irony about seeking first the kingdom of God and all the rest being added to us as well. Put all relationships second to God and suddenly they start working! Keep up the quote-hunting.

9/10/05 11:00 pm  
Blogger Kath said...

Good to hear from you guys. The rest of the book is v good indeed. Glad to be of help! And great to hear from you Nathan... Thanks for the encouragement!

10/10/05 1:14 pm  

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