Friday, September 30, 2005

Albums you should own pt 1

As this is pt one - here's two albums you should own right now. Music will provide the light you cannot resist as REM have clearly stated, and music provides the backdrop to my life. So here's a couple of albums that have been in my head this week.

First up the gorgeous Laura Veirs, with Years of Meteors, new to me this week. She writes beautiful poetry and does amazing things with words. If you adore beautfiul music, that is occasionally achingly sad, go buy.


Second up a classic that has followed me around this month, mainly due to the lovely Sam who I work with. We've played it very loudly several times on road trips, and if you don't own it, well it's your loss, but you are missing out. Lots. Paul Simon is a genius and that is nevermore demonstrated than on Graceland.

Every song works and does magic things. The bass solo on "You can call me Al" makes me take my hands off the steering wheel and play air bass. "Under African Skies" sends shivers up my spine and "Graceland" makes me want to cry. I've listened to this album for the last 14 or so years and it remains fresh and alive. Own it. Now.


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