Sunday, March 11, 2007

Lots can change in a year.

A year ago, this helped to produce this:

I'm thinking of taking commission now, does anyone else want to be advertised on this blog? You never know what can happen! Hehe. Ah well, I get a sister as well as a brother out of all this, and they are cute aren't they...:-)


Anonymous anna said...

they are soooo cute! advertise me,advertise me! er...

12/3/07 5:08 pm  
Anonymous Yakinski said...

Super cuteness. Visions of them skipping hand in hand through a sun-kissed meadow with snowy-white lambs gambolling around them and bluebirds tweeting. Which sounds sarcastic, but really isn't meant to.

12/3/07 8:47 pm  
Blogger thebluefish said...

nice that the first comment on that prior post was roz defending mark... God's working in all the details!

13/3/07 9:13 am  

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