Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Wish list

On one of our doors we have a hall of shame full of people who have abandoned us. People whom Fallowfield welcomed into the bosom of friendship only to be rejected and abandoned for London, Denmark, Asia and another part of London. Well sucks to them, we have a better idea. We want these people to live with us in our spare room.

Bill Bailey
Simon Amstell
Susan Kennedy
Cathy Haines
The whole cast of Hustle
Will Ferrell (Lizzi's idea)
Sue Perkins (my idea, Lizzi is too small to remember her genius, she is a child)
A big Dog.

(Clearly our spare room might need to be converted into a tardis to fit them, or we should get a small shrinking device fitted for each one of them. Actually that would be genius, imagine, a little Susan Kennedy to take with you wherever, bliss.)


Anonymous emmie johnson said...

it's quite a post you've got here...and hey for all that you want on friendship you can check out my Friendship Blog and find out all that i've visit soon and enjoy yourself!!!

15/2/07 7:25 am  
Blogger Nathan said...

Emmie Johnson is certainly NOT someone you want to share a house with. She's a scab. If you click onto her 'friendship blog' you get all kinds of nasty things attacking your computer. I hate those auto-comment monsters. How do they get past the word verification? Hmm. Yay for Sue Pollard. Shame on you Lizzi. Hidey Hi!

15/2/07 4:33 pm  
Anonymous Yakinski said...

For a moment I thought you'd seen sense and written Sarah Kennedy of Radio 2, but alas no.Yxx

17/2/07 10:16 am  

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