Sunday, January 07, 2007

Pretty snow.

Snow makes the most amazing sound underfoot. It crunches and groans under your footsteps. Snow makes everything look amazing, deadens all other sound, makes you catch your breath in wonder and when it goes everything looks sad and defeated at being exposed for what it really is. Even communist architecture looks good in snow (although I do have a love of it without the snow covering, there's something about seeing concrete surrounded by beautiful mountains and green fields....) There's always something good about gazing at this amazing world and thinking, hang on, I know the maker. Or, hang on, the maker of all this knows me.


Blogger Nathan said...

Kath! Thought I should alert you to Slipper Day. Lizzi might have already mentioned it but please can I get you on board to join us? I've put up an ad on my site. We can count on you to love slippers can't we?!

12/1/07 7:10 pm  

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