Saturday, January 06, 2007

A new year.

This new year passed me by, I was in the land of escape, the lovely Czech mountains, enjoying being back in Eastern Europe. We spurned new year in favour of bed and sleep. Liberating maybe, but the whole new year thing has passed me by. I did however make one important resolution: Eat more fruit in savory dishes. It really works. And yes, that is what I have learnt from the last week and a half. There is something enormously satisfying about days when all you do is get up, walk around some pretty mountains, eat amazing food, read books, chat, laugh, eat more food, walk in more perfect snow scenes and go to bed. I don't see why we can't just do that for the rest of life. Really.


Blogger Anne Witton said...

I like your description of the near-perfect day (although there would have to be some playing of competitive games in there somewhere for it to be perfect). I did, however, feel mildly nauseated when I read about you wanting to eat more fruit in savory dishes. At first I didn't understand what you meant, and I then I realised that 'dishes' is posh southern for 'meals' as opposed to 'bowls'. It was when I fully appreciated what you were saying that I was forced to cry 'Uuuugh!' and start wretching. Fruit should NEVER be combined with savory items, especially not meat and / or cheese. Let that be a warning to all you brie and grape lovers.

12/1/07 2:38 pm  

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