Sunday, December 17, 2006

Fallowfield Crescent

I love my housemates. Today has been Christmas day in our house, thus we ate a lot of food, had lots of fun and exchanged wonderful presents. All this tinged with the sadness of not seeing each other for ages and then Birgitte leaving for distant continents. Lizzi wrote a sonnet for her. It's beautiful and I share it here for your edification and joy. :-)

"Let me not to the friends of Fallowfield
Admit impediment. Friends are not friends
Who make tea for one, or bear a grudge over washing up undone
O no! Friendship is an ever fixed mark
Though stretched over continents it will not fray
Like the fairy lights will never be put away
And though a different form will be
A picture on the door of ye
Our friendship alters not with numbered hours and weeks
But bears it out even unto parting
If this be error and upon me proved
We never dined nor no friends ever loved."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lizzi is a true legend.

19/12/06 4:07 pm  

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