Thursday, March 01, 2007


Hoorah, it is now March. The evil month of February has disappeared for good, and today the sun shinned. There are several things to note. Firstly my poor car has now gone past the 100,000 mile mark. When I got it 3 and a half years ago it had done 35,000 miles. Hmm. I think there is something wrong about that much driving in 3 and a half years. Everyone feel sorrow for the car.

Secondly I think there is a profound thought brewing in the back of my mind about drumming. In the drum class I go to we learn basic african rhythms (and if I could learn to spell that word it would help me greatly). These consist of one basic beat, with several accompaniments that overlayer it. We all take it in turns to play these whilst someone keeps the basic rhythm going. Every so often our teacher gives a signal and we head off into a break and then back to the rhythm again. It's a thing of beauty when we get it right. And the profound thought is something about us all being different but working together with the basic beat holding us on course, you do the figuring out.

Thirdly, it might be March but we still have our Christmas hedge up complete with fairy lights and Margaret the angry angel on top of it. The hedge is doing well, no signs of needle dropping or going brown. I am proud of it.

Fourthly, it turns out that I only had a few of things to write about. Ah well. I shall go and have a cup of tea and wait for further inspiration to strike.


Anonymous Yakinski said...

I have the vision of Inspiration being a crocodile lying in wait at the edge of a river, waiting for you to trot down to the water's edge with your camping kettle, and then when you bend to dip it in the water, BAM, it strikes. Is that how it works?

4/3/07 9:09 am  
Blogger étrangère said...

Loving the Christmas hedge (& it still being up). Did make me giggle.

5/3/07 6:45 pm  

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