Monday, October 31, 2005

If your life were a rainbow what would be red and what would be blue?

A question posed to me today in a coffee shop by the lovely Debs*. A Question that really is all about the interpretation. Well. Red in my life would be the new things that are happening this term, the friends I’ve made here, the fact I get to play in a Band. Yes a Real Band. (we even have a name- Rooted, available for gigs in your local area whenever needed), the fun I’ve been having recently, and probably the red of the wine I’m enjoying.

Blue is the blue of the sky before the sun rises, the black of night is fading and a deep rich blue takes over the sky. A blue that smells of hope, a blue that offers the coming of the dawn, the blue that anticipates more to come. This blue is the blue that surrounds my thoughts on the rest of the term ahead of me. After a small mini break of embracing the worlds of Cambridge and Guildford I am back in Hove, back with the job ahead of me. Back with the choice to go through the motions or to seek the face of the one who makes sense of this life. Who dwells within the motions I make.

Over to you- If your life were a rainbow, what would be orange and what would be green?

*Debs- Friend from Guildford, companion on the journey and fellow swimmer in the depths of deep thinking.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

orange is the dog who's too small to be a dog really, possibly even smaller than some cats. shame. yes, orange is for shame.
and green... well obviously green is for the secret feeling of pride and happiness experienced on mastering a skill such as yoyo-ing or grass blowing or spitting really well.

12/11/05 3:29 pm  

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