Saturday, September 29, 2007


Things to do on a Saturday.

1. Lie in bed encased by a big duvet and smile at the weekend.
2. Go for a big fat bike ride on the downs, get covered in mud.
3. Listen to Jonathan Ross all morning whilst sorting, cleaning and generally sitting.
4. Eat amazing food.
5. Talk to nice friends on the phone who make you laugh.
6. Listen to random acid folk music. (what on earth is acid folk?)
7. Read the paper.
8. Watch an episode of the West Wing and smile.
9. Write some letters.
10. Watch the X factor. Laugh at the bad bad singers.
11. Watch a film with friends, whilst eating Lindt chocolate and drinking red wine. Let the film be one you can recite backwards. ("I want the Truth", "TRUTH, you can't handle the TRUTH." Jack Nicholson at his best.)
12. Crawl back under the duvet safe in the knowledge that tomorrow is another day off.


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