Saturday, August 18, 2007

In other news.

Dear Diary. Today we have a new arrival in Fallowfield Crescent, (no we haven't caved, the cat has not moved in). Bodil arrived tonight and continues the fine tradition of Danish people training to be Midwives living with us. We like this and are happy to have a complete house again. Talking of which I'm enjoying being back in Hove Actually for at least 2 weeks in a row and liking the rather strange autumn cosy feeling tonight's wind and rain are providing. We are breaking Bodil into British culture with a diet of bad Saturday evening TV. Maybe that isn't such a great idea, she may leave soon.

EDIT: At church this morning a nice lady met Bodil and upon realising that she lived with us said, "So you're joining the madness, did anyone warn you about them?". I'm hurt. Well actually I'm a little pleased in my indignation. Our reputation is spreading...


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