Saturday, September 09, 2006

On tiredness

Tiredness makes me:

(thinking of dwarves yet?)
Cry randomly all over the place.
Get confused at the huge amount of choice in supermarkets.
Get looked at sympathetically by checkout ladies by my inability to answer their aray of complex questions. (cashback? I don't know, help me, reward card? yes possibly but I can't remember, what? eh? shhhh)
Sob on the phone to my Mum.
Spend the afternoon in a daze in bed.
Utterly bemused at how time flows past when there aren't any sessions to go to. Time passes and I haven't sat in 3 meetings, had food with many people and had two hours off in the afternoon. Somehow I've stumbled to the end of the day.
Confused as to what to do with all this choice of how to spend my time.

I'm with Sartre, I'm going to spend the rest of the evening staring at a tree crying, wishing I had it's lack of choice.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


big manly hugs "grrrr" and lots of love

9/9/06 9:39 pm  

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