Thursday, August 24, 2006

Hove, actually.

The phrase, Hove actually, comes from the posh residents of Hove objecting to the notion that they are in any way connected to Brighton. Thus any conversation about where you might live would go like this:
Person 1: Do you live in Brighton?
Person 2: Well, Hove, actually.
This is a source of much comedy amongst some people in our fair city, when the film Love Actually came to Brighton many of the posters were changed to read, well I'll let you work it out for yourselves.

It's not just the residents that are this particular, no no. Hove has grass on the seafront, Brighton has none. Hove has a fetching deep dark green colour covering it's railings and bars, Brighton has a lurid turquoise. Hove has helpful signs under the road names reassuring you that, yes, you are still in Hove. And Hove has Heritage. Or lots of signs pointing out the interesting things about Hove. Brighton is lacking in such items. This one amuses me the most, mainly because it underlines all of the above. The first thing of importance about Hove, is that it is separate and very different from Brighton. Got it?


Blogger Jonny:) said...

So just to check, the summerary is.... your posh???

(yes i know i lived in chichester AND royal tunbridge wells)

25/8/06 9:26 am  
Blogger Rockinon said...

According to a paper in Canada, the following was the common perception: "Brighton is the exciting place where all the action is, and Hove is the flat, boring part where people actually live."

The paper reports, the town decided to promote the already common phrase, "Hove, actually," to give the place a unique identity or brand.

I have been unable to find any recent, official uses of the phrase "Hove, actually" on any Internet pages. Has the apparently very public attempt at branding with the popular phrase been abandoned by Hove?

29/5/11 4:14 pm  

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