Friday, February 03, 2006

Just seen...

Belle and Sebastian, a band not to be confused with the strange '80s cartoon series about a boy and a large white dog. Someone asked me to sum up their music style; jingly jangly happy, with biting lyrics, was all I could come up with, which really does the lovely band no justice at all. So, buy their new album and discover the delights for yourself.

Looking forward to this coming out on Monday.

Nights like this make me fall in love with music all over again. The band were genius, as were the amount of random people who appeared to come on stage purely for their "shaky egg" moment. One day I shall play "shaky egg" in a band, or the cow bell, or the tambourine. One day. But for now I'll be content with a lush Scottish voice in my head, smiley cheery music, delightful cellos and the slightly surreal image of one member of the audience who appeared to do nothing but jog on the spot for the entire evening.

Music is just the best invention ever. Hoorah. Now I'm looking forward to the amount of driving I'm going to do tomorrow because I shall be accompanied by my cd player and lots of wonderful music to do things deep inside me.


Blogger Nathan said...

Xfm played the album in full last week with band members chipping in little explanations for each track. It was pretty darn good actually. I've always been an admirer from a distance but this one brought me a little closer to parting with my cash. I've heard many a good thing about them live. Cheers for reminding me!

6/2/06 1:01 pm  

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