Monday, January 16, 2006

She's given in...

Well, the top news of the day is that the badgering has worked and Ms Bushell has chosen to hide her light no longer. Click on the campaign link at the side of the page to see further exciting news from her good self. (I like it because I get a mention, but as, apparently, this universe isn't given to revolving around me then I'd recommend it because it has merit all by itself, even if it never mentioned me again.) Now is not the time to tell you all the good things about the said author (you'd need a bucket and a very very long session here) but be assured you'll find fun, randomness and most of all reality over on her blog. So there you go. Advert over.

Small thought- does anyone else find it somewhat bizarre that the spell check on this blog doesn't recognise the word 'blog'. Hmm


Blogger Steffy B said...

I agree, I think it's an excellent blog. I also happen to have a bucket and a very very long session right here, so....I'm listening!!

17/1/06 11:10 pm  

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