Sunday, December 23, 2007


So, I'm back from an epic tour of the East of the country. I'm stopping over in Hove before heading to the land of warmth and hugs at the parents house tomorrow. This evening I was supposed to work through my long list of things to do before going home. Useful things such as packing, wrapping presents, generally tying up loose ends and remembering to take things such as airplane tickets.

Instead of sensible things, this evening I have watched Top Gear, drunk mulled wine and made finger puppets. Instead of going to bed at a sensible hour I'm blogging and on Msn. Sigh, ah well, tomorrow is another day and maybe I'll manage to do all those things in 2 hours. Maybe.


Blogger Lou said...

Airplane?? Airplane?? Since when did you become american??! Ta for the lift home lovely!! xx

24/12/07 3:56 pm  

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