Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas in the workhouse?

The downside of Christmas is the spending of money on presents. Which isn't too much of a downside because you get to see peoples faces lit up with excitement at what you've bought them. It does however mean money is on the elusive side right now. Also time is sparse, what with all the Christmas events to go to. This combination is interesting when it comes to finding food. Last night my housemate, Lizzi, and I decided to cook together. This would have been a good plan. However.
Contents of our fridge: Some saver cheese. Margarine. A few spindly bits of Rocket left in a packet. Lots of cherry tomatoes.
Contents of our Freezer: A fish finger. Some random meat in packets. Pitta bread. Chicken Nuggets.
A selection guaranteed to tax the most creative of chefs.

We ended up with chicken nuggets in pitta bread with ketchup and the last bits of rocket for garnish. Which was surprisingly good. Tomorrow I'm highly looking forward to Team Days with good food and the best Christmas dinner ever, that's got to last me until the weekend.

(A small situations may have been exaggurated for comedy effect. I have a roof over my head, the possiblity of going to the shops and getting some more food, and many other cheering things in my life. This is in no way grumbling and complaining. Yes I have just read Philippians 2 with a student. Yes I am pants at applying this to my life.)


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