Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Harold, what did you do?

Harold, Harold, what have they done to you? Does anyone else think it was a bit harsh to say God was telling him to kill Paul? Clearly the script-writers have been smoking something to enable the creative juices recently. Still, in further Neighbours excitement, at least Alex is dead now, only a matter before Dr Karl aka "the only doctor, counselor, GP, surgeon in Erinsbrough" swoops in and the world can be as one again. Karl and Susan. Come on.


Anonymous Cathy (spelt the correct way) said...


I can't think of anything clever to write, it's Friday afternoon and I can't keep up with your profoundness! Check out this cool website which traps you for hours trying to get the yeti to hit the penguin as far as possible (click the mouse to make the penguin fall and click again to hit). I've managed to get 323.4 which is not too bad although I know a builder who got higher!


17/3/06 3:20 pm  
Blogger Kath said...

too evil, how am I meant to get ANY work done now?

17/3/06 5:50 pm  
Anonymous Midmer said...

I agree about Harold. I managed to get him in my first ever lunchbar talk though, which the students loved!

But, mate, Susan's too good for Karl (just like Drew was too good for Libby). Surely you can see that??

20/3/06 11:02 pm  

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