Sunday, December 18, 2005

Christmas bumper posting

Tomorrow I head off on my holidays, firstly to the land of Guildford to enjoy parental home warmth, old friends and sleep. Then onto a small holiday cottage with my family for Christmas. Hence the bumper posting of tonight. Dial up and being in the middle of no-where for a week will give me a small break from this rather strange world of blogging.

So some last Christmas thoughts, building on the friendship theme, here's a verse for those out there who might be finding the journey a bit too steap at the moment.

From "It came upon a midnight clear"

"And those whose journey now is hard,
whose hope is burning low,
who tread the rocky path of life,
with painful steps and slow:
O listen to the news of love
which makes the heavens ring!
And rest beside the weary road
and hear the angels sing!"

May we all know more of the reality of a God who loves us, likes us and came down to be one of us over the next two weeks. Through all the fun, celebrations, hard times, pain and reminders of the past we encounter, may the God who breathed life into us, set us on this journey, and will get us home, come and breathe new life and vision into our bones. Hear again the awesome world changing event of the Word becoming flesh. The defining point of history. The defining point of our lives. God steps in. Emmanuel has come. There is hope.

And the word became flesh and dwelt
And the word became flesh and lived amongst us
And the word became flesh
Became flesh like you
Flesh like me
And the word became flesh

Heaven held its breath

And the word became flesh.


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