Monday, December 12, 2005

7 things...

Peer pressure and nominations from Bish and Ed have led me to this inconsequential list...

Seven things to do before I die.
1. Write a book.
2. Live in the Lake District.
3. Open a cafe.
4. Drive across America in a camper van.
5. Love Jesus more than I do.
6. Tour with my band.
7. Change the world.

Seven things I can't do.
1. Sing.
2. Love the Lord with all my heart soul and mind.
3. Love my neighbour as myself.
4. Fly.
5. Turn back time.
6. Randomly start conversations about Jesus.
7. Resist grace.

Seven things I say most often.
1. Brilliant.
2. Genius.
3. Cool.
4. mmmm
5. Like it.
6. Why?
7. Mate.

Seven Books I love.
1. The Poisonwood Bible- Barbara Kingsolver.
2. The Ender Saga- Orson Scott Card.
3. Christ plays in ten thousand places- Eugene Peterson
4. The Chronicles of Narnia - CS Lewis.
5. What a carve up - Jonathan Coe
6. Life after God- Douglas Coupland
7. An Alien at St Wilfreds- Adrian Plass

Seven films I can watch over and over again.
1. The sound of music.
2. When Harry met Sally.
3. Pump up the volume.
4. Fight Club.
5. Educating Rita.
6. Stand by me.
7. Cry Freedom

Seven songs I love at the moment.
1. At the bottom of everything- Bright Eyes.
2. Hard to get- Rich Mullins.
3. The JCB Song (sad I know..)
4. Through the dark- KT Tunstall
5. Land Locked Blues- Bright Eyes.
6. Freedom- Pete Seager.
7. The Swimming Song- Eddi Reader

Seven people to do this next.
1. Nathan B.
2. Becci
3. Alison Young
4. Jonny
5. Sarah B
6. Steph B (despite lack of blog)
7. Phil S


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