Thursday, October 12, 2006

A drum, a drum (name that Shakespeare play)

Djembe, I've been learning to play my djembe. Small dance. I haven't learnt to play like this yet(click for genius playing)But it's so much fun. Rhythm drowns out the noise in my brain and leaves me feeling a little bit freer. Hoorah for rhythm and the genius of knowing the maker of it all.

I was sitting with a lovely student today reading through Jonah 1 marveling at the God who made heavens and the sky and sea. We thought about what the fear of God really means, and we got a little bit gobsmacked by the fact that we know the maker of the heavens, the sea and the sky. Now that's a point to smile about. We were also glad people like Jonah are in the Bible, God is used to sulky rebellious people who don't want to do his will, and delights in pouring out grace and patience on us as he brings us back into His ways. He really is brilliant. Contented sigh.


Blogger thebluefish said...


13/10/06 8:28 am  
Anonymous an said...

mate is that drumming really you? You so cool.
Just got rid of some last minute plan-cancelling tension by reading Guess How Much I Love You, twice, with my niece....ahh, jam kisses really are the best x x x

13/10/06 7:28 pm  
Blogger Kath said...

Note. I haven't yet learnt to play like that!
not me... not even close... sadly!
ah well!
Flattered you would think so though!

13/10/06 11:53 pm  

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